The Clutter Free Desk

January 26, 2016

The Clutter Free Desk

For Matt McMullen, paper free and simplicity is the name of the game. In fact, the artist and musician said it’s important to him.

Environment plays a key role in how we feel, our overall productivity, and in Matt’s case, the creative process. Too much clutter can often hinder creativity, and for many people, it can be energy draining. That is why Matt works to keep things paper and clutter free.

He opted for the OneLessDesk, because he said he loves the small footprint and versatility. Now he owns three – one for his work and one for each of his twin sons who use it for their gaming.
What is your business or craft/what do you do?
I am an artist and musician, and spend a lot of time on the computer.

How did you decide on Heckler Design?
I liked the small footprint of the desk! It’s also quite stylish and fits with our decor.

What color did you go with and why?
I have 3 of them: green, black, and grey. Two of them are being used by my twin boys as video game stations.

What features were important to you in choosing an office setup?
For me, simplicity is important, and I find that these desks help me keep my area tidy.

What is your favorite non Heckler Design tool/gadget/software you use to help you in your business?
Apple – everything.

Do you have any organizational tips or cool accessories you can share?
Go paper free – it’s a huge plus!

How does the OneLessDesk/OneLessOffice help you achieve success?
I can focus on what is in front of me without looking through a lot of clutter.

Our mantra is “make it simple.” Do you have a way you keep it simple or a tip you can share? 
Keep what you need on your desk, nothing more. To keep things simple and clutter free, go paperless. I find without paper everywhere, you don’t need as much desk space.

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