• The pictures do not do it justice!

    “…and when the final sheets of plastic came off, I stood in amazement. Let me say this now. THE PICTURES DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE! It’s ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. This is laser cut metal at its finest. Only a few millimeters thick but there’s no give, bend or flex. It’s completely solid and if the rigidness doesn’t convince you, lift it up, it’s HEAVY. At every curve and corner, the edges are softly beveled so there are no sharp edges.”

    Long Tran, Yanko Design

  • Simple, beautiful, sturdy, and attractive.

    “Just got the OneLessDesk. Let me say how simple, beautiful, sturdy and attractive it is. Heckler Design has been able to match the beauty and simplicity of today’s computers with a desk worthy of only the best. The silver desk, which is what I ordered, can blend into any room and any decor. If silver isn’t your thing, Heckler has that covered too. Worth the money and even better service. It’s nice to do business with someone who cares about the customer for a change. 5 Stars all the way!”

    Anthony, Verona, New Jersey

  • Like an art object in my home.

    “My OneLessDesk fits perfectly in a corner of my apartment. It’s sleek and modern design makes it like an art object in my home, and having my desk in a more public space in my home is now no longer an issue. Thanks!!!”

    Nancy, Chicago

  • They're stunning.

    “The desks arrived. They’re stunning in their elegance and functionality. Thank you!”

    Emily Chang, PicoCool

  • I just love it!

    “The desk came yesterday. I just love it! Thank you for designing the perfect computer desk; form does follow function.”

    Lynn, Hendersonville, Tennessee

  • Piece of art.

    “Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received the desk today and it’s in perfect condition and also to say thank you for all your efforts in getting it shipped it to me and for the OneLessDesk itself which is absolute piece of art ”

    Anton, Maynooth, Ireland

  • Looks great.

    “Hi Dean. My silver OneLessDesk arrived this afternoon. Thanks for the fast turnaround time – 2 days from confirmation to international delivery is pretty impressive. The desk looks great and I expect to be very happy with it. Now I just need to find a chair that’s equally cool and functional!”

    Jeff, Toronto

  • We wish we could age as slowly as this desk!

    “[After using our OneLessDesk for an entire year] We wish we could age as slowly as this desk!”

    Jack. Carrollton, Georgia

  • Absolutely stunning.Even better than I could have hoped for.

    “Wow, your packaging was spot on, it was so well packed that even though the box was torn a little bit, the desk was perfect. So well done on an excellent packaging. After we unpacked the desk we placed it in my son’s room and I cannot praise your invention or design enough. It looks absolutely stunning. Once again many thanks for the professional way in which the order was handled, packed, and executed. I will most certainly promote your desk as much as I can and I hope you receive many orders from South Africa. Many thanks once again.”

    Demetri Caripi, Gauteng, South Africa

  • Even better than I could have hoped for.

    “The desk is even better than I could have hoped for. My wife was converted straight away; she loves it. The entire order-to-delivery service was superb.”

    Paul, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

  • It's perfect!!!

    “Just wanted to let you know I’ve received the desk and it’s perfect!!! Thank you so much for designing a desk that will actually fit in a small NY apartment!”

    Erin, New York City

  • A fitting desk for a new 27" iMac.

    “I just wanted to let you know that the desk arrived and it’s fantastic. The build quality and design are outstanding. A fitting desk for a new 27″ iMac.”

    David, Berkeley, California

  • Looks great and functions perfectly.

    “With another baby on the way, we were having to sacrifice the study den in-lieu of a nursery. The PC was therefore heading to our bedroom and with limited space available, we were looking for a practical, modern and efficient desk system. We found just that (and more) with Dean’s OneLessDesk which looks great and functions perfectly.”

    Aaron, the Netherlands

  • Spectacular customer service.

    “I received the desk today and it looks great. The packaging was very good too. I wanted to thank you for the spectacular customer service. You have an awesome product. I have recommended it to so many people already and will continue to do so.”

    Susheel, New York City

  • I friggin' love this thing.

    Jeff Mac, Albuquerque

  • Love my OneLessDesk.

    “Successfully designing minimal, functional and beautiful is harder than the end result shows. But Heckler Design pulled it off brilliantly. Love my OneLessDesk and the customer service was great, to boot.”

    Chris Risdon, Adaptive Path

  • Great design makes me more productive!

    Worth the wait! My new desk looks extremely cool and works perfectly in my tiny home office. Great design makes me more productive!

    Suzanne, Fort Lauderdale

  • Best desk ever.

    Best desk ever. It has made it through two moves now with me and still looks great. ”

    TJ, Galveston, Texas

  • Five Stars.

    “Five Stars. From communication with the designer himself, to international ordering and prompt delivery, Heckler Design is the benchmark for web shopping. Stunning color, ease of installation! An instant hit with those who have witnessed the seamless flow into my workspace. Well done! Keep up the great design and outstanding customer service.”

    Scott, Victoria British Columbia

  • I cannot stop looking at it.

    “Thank you for the amazing service that you’ve provided. The desk is truly what I expected, I cannot stop looking at it. I believe that it was designed to be here all the time.”

    Leonel, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Love my desk.

    Love my desk. Beautiful desk, brilliant design. Very well done.”

    Steven, New York City

  • I'm hugely impressed.

    “It’s arrived, unboxed, assembled and in place – and I’m hugely impressed. The quality is even higher than I expected, and it looks fantastic. Without knowing any better, I would think it had been custom made for the space I work in (a vestibule measuring less than 6′ x 4′). My compliments! And thanks again for the great customer service. Hard to find a personal touch these days and it really goes a long, long way.”

    Bill, San Francisco


    “I received my desk this morning – how nice of you, it’s a great Christmas!! It’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m working on it right now…!!! A splendid silver desk matching my silver MacBook Pro! The [OneLessDesk]Pad is great! Thank you Santa Dean[Heckler]!”

    Sands, Paris, France

  • It was worth every penny.

    “Hey Dean [Heckler]we LOVE the desk. We also can’t believe how sturdy is it (well, I take that back after having to carry it up a 5 floor walk-up!). It was worth every penny.”

    Heidi, New York City

  • Thank you for your commitment, personal attention, and innovation.

    Dean [Heckler], thank you for your caring commitment to your customers, personal attention, and innovative OneLessDesk. It looks fab in my place.”

    John, Miami Beach

  • One heck of a surprise!

    “I wanted to let you know that the desk arrived in good order and is fantastic. It was one heck of a surprise! Many thanks to you for helping my other half select it. It suits our place perfectly and the cord management on the backside is practical and helps to keep our small space looking tidy. Well done on such a wonderful design.”

    Casey, London

  • Perfectly executed.

    “Thank you very much for the perfectly executed order, the amazing packaging, and the excellent shipping! And what to say regarding the OneLessDesk… C’est un chef-d’oeuvre, I just love it! A minimalist and pure design for a beautiful and awesome product! Congratulations!”

    Johan, Winterthur, Switzerland

  • The perfect desk.

    “The packaging and delivery were faultless. Thanks for the perfect desk!”

    Stephen, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

  • I've never received so many compliments...

    I’m ordering my third @Rest – absolutely LOVE them! I’ve never received so many compliments about an accessory from so many clients.”

    Will Gaskins, The Efiia Group


    “Just a note to let you know about my @Rest for iPad thoughts: AWESOME!! It is more than I expected. The biggest advantage over others I have tried, is the stability. It stays in place, and is easy enough to move around if I need to. Great design.”

    David, Shawnee, Kansas

  • Simple, robust, and drop-dead gorgeous.

    “My @Rest for iPad arrived today – simple, robust, anddrop-dead gorgeous – as elegant a piece of industrial design as I’ve ever seen. It was worth the wait.”

    William, Clarkdale, Arizona

  • This thing is built!

    “I was surprised by how substantial the @Rest for iPad was when it arrived. This thing is built! It holds my iPad at a very nice viewing angle and height to type from my Bluetooth keyboard. So far, I’m loving it!”

    David, Seattle, Washington

  • Clean lines, excellent attention to detail.

    “The desk arrived Wednesday. It looks great and is perfect for our new iMac. Very clean lines and excellent attention to detail. I hope you sell many of these! I know that I’ll be buying more for H-Squared when we get settled into our new workshop.”

    Jeremy Hubbell, H-Squared, Bellevue, Washington

  • Functional art; nothing else is worth using.

    UPDATE to the above: “Dean’s amazing attention to detail is what I love about his products. When H-Squared moved into our new space, I immediately ordered several OneLessOffice’s because, frankly, nothing else out there is worth using. I sit at a OneLessDesk every day at both home and the office and still marvel at what a skillfully designed product it is. This isn’t furniture, this is functional art.”

    Jeremy Hubbell, H-Squared, Bellevue, Washington

  • The quality of construction is excellent.

    “We received the desk. We are very pleased, the design is as great as we expected and the quality of construction is excellent as well. No doubt our OneLessDesk will prompt questions from our friends at the house-warming party… and we will be glad to tell them where to get one!”

    Cedric, San Francisco

  • Truly amazing.

    “The desk is truly amazing. I love the way it blends in ascetically and neatly with all my kit. Would highly recommend as a piece of art as well as highly useful furniture.”

    Neil, New York City

  • Looks & feels great.

    “I love my OneLessDesk! Arrived with startling speed, great service, thanks. The pledge wipes are a very nice touch. But boy does it looks & feels great as I write to you from it just now!…awesome!”

    Doug, United Kingdom

  • Perfect.

    “All perfect.”

    Loic, Paris, France

  • Coolest desk ever!

    “OK. This is the coolest desk ever!”

    Doug’s wife, United Kingdom

  • Love it.

    “I have it and love it... I am typing this from my OneLessDesk. Are you jealous?”

    Jack, Carrollton, Georgia

  • I am delighted!

    “I received my OneLessDesk yesterday. The carriage was fast and perfect, thank you for the quality of your shipping department. I am delighted by this nice silver desk, which agrees very well with my iMac and the design interior of my apartment. Congratulations for your piece of art!

    Dominique, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • It's gorgeous!

    “The desk arrived safe and sound – it’s gorgeous! Thank you very, very much. I love the colour (Bright Yellow) and the sturdiness of the desk. We’re very happy with it, and friends who’ve seen it LOVE it. Thanks again!”

    Christopher, Toronto

  • Amazing quality, even more amazing service.

    “I cannot recommend @deanheckler and his OneLessDesk product highly enough. Amazing quality, even more amazing service. Thanks Dean!”

    Andrew, London

  • Everything is fantastic!

    “My OneLessOffice arrived yesterday. Everything is fantastic! The OneLessOffice is a wonderful object! Thank you very much!”

    Massimo, Bordighera, Liguria, Italy

  • Perfect desk, perfect service.

    “I have received the desk without any problem. The desk is perfect, the service was also perfect ! It was very nice to deal with you! Thanks again!”

    David, Toulouse, France

  • Just what I needed.

    “I am enjoying my new desk. It is just what I needed.”

    Janice, Hartford, Connecticut

  • Great design, immaculate production and impeccable customer service.

    “My OneLessDesk arrived this morning — and I am thrilled. Great design, immaculate production and impeccable customer service. Thank you!!!”

    Mary, Toronto, Canada

  • Work of art; exceeds everything we wanted.

    “We’ve been using our OneLessOffice computer table for at least 2 weeks. It is a work of art, and functionally exceeds everything we wanted. Nice work.”

    Jim, Freeland, Michigan, USA

  • Perfect & wonderful!

    It’s perfect and wonderful! Thanks a lot for the quality of your service and products, and congratulations!!

    Eric, Madrid, Spain

  • Sturdy & substantial.

    “The @Rest is sitting proudly right on my office desk, to the interest of my visitors! It has a really sturdy and substantial feel to it.  The cord holder is of course genius!”

    Frank, Greenbelt, Maryland

  • Simple & functional design.

    “I went ahead and setup my OneLessDesk and it looks GREAT.  It’s a very simple in design but very functional for my Apple monitor and MacBook Pro.  It takes a little space in my office.  Also, thanks for the @Rest.  My iPad now has a place to dock and recharge.”

    Gary, Long Beach, California

  • Outstanding service.

    The [OneLessDesk] is amazing and I was also impressed with how well it was packed and secured! Once again, let me stress how very pleased I am with the product itself and with the outstanding service you and your company have supplied.”


  • The best product I have ever purchased!

    “I can confidently say that this is the best product I have ever purchased! Thanks to you for making a really unique piece of furniture.”


  • Slick & stylish!

    “I received the desk yesterday and got it all setup and it looks amazing! It really suits the room and is incredibly slick and stylish!

    Lee-Loi Chieng

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