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Through our Design Build Program we work collaboratively with our clients to create beautiful and unique hardware solutions.

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Custom Design - American Made

American Manufacturing

Heckler Design products are manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona, using employee- and family-owned manufacturers.

Custom Design - Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Our innovative approach to design enables us and our partners to keep pace with the rapidly changing market.

Custom Design - Make It Simple

"Make It Simple" Philosphy

Our mission is to create simple, functional, and beautiful products that last a lifetime - eliminating unnecessary complexities.


Lyoness, a global loyalty rewards program, wanted a secure enclosure for a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, they were using as part of a new system they developed for merchants.
Though we had yet to develop a product around the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, we were up for the challenge.

Beyond the tablet enclosure, Lyoness also required a solution to house their loyalty rewards cards and brochure material. They needed everything to have a uniform look rather than appearing as a kludge of store-bought business card and brochure holders.

With a short timeline, tight budget and global distribution, the requirements were plentiful. Ultimately Heckler Design was the one and only company that could deliver.


CoatChex is a ticketless coat-checking solution available at premiere events throughout New York City, and rapidly expanding to other markets. When the company needed an innovative, sleek and simple way to secure their new tablet-based system, they came to Heckler Design.
Their technology focuses on simplicity, and their goal is to make everything easy and simple for customers. As such, they needed a stand that was in line with their brand and philosophy. They wanted something aesthetically pleasing, durable and minimal.

They were drawn to the Heckler Design WindFall Stand for iPad because of its unique, sleek, simple, and professional look, but they needed it to be at a specific angle to make the check-in process as easy and user-friendly as possible. Being a young company, CoatChex also needed to keep costs low. Taking their design and budgetary needs into account, we were able to to deliver a custom design on the WindFall Stand, which they now use at all of their events.


When Shopify, the popular ecommerce website solution, was ready to expand into the point-of-sale market, they came to us with a specific need. They had a significant base of web customers they wanted to impress with the right hardware.
Since Shopify had already gained notoriety for their web platform, they needed to be sure their point-of-sale hardware was spot on.

They liked the look, security features, and durability of the WindFall Stand, but needed precise notches cut into the design to fit their credit card reader. We made a precision cut into the right side of the WindFall Stand creating an exact fit for Shopify’s card reader, which helped ensure it would stay securely in place. We were also able to include comprehensive Shopify-branded instruction pamphlets in the shipping units. Shopify had a solid launch and now includes the WindFall Stand in their hardware kit.

ShopKeep POS

Even before our first WindFall Stand existed, ShopKeep POS, the point-of-sale software solution company, was a proponent of our hardware. Though they were using another company’s iPad enclosure design, they liked our manufacturing process and minimal approach design.
They were using our @Rest, but needed something that could secure the iPad in place.

We worked closely with the ShopKeep team to be sure they were going to love the WindFall Stand for iPad. Since they had the inside track on what business owners were looking for in a point-of-sale system, we knew their input would prove invaluable. The WindFall Stand became a hit and the rest is history.

Breadcrumb - Groupon

When Groupon acquired Breadcrumb, the point-of-sale software solution, they began searching for a secure iPad enclosure to accompany their app and card reader.
Breadcrumb already had a significant customer base, and Groupon was prepared to grow it. They needed a hardware solution that would appeal to their customers both aesthetically and in functionality. They came to us with interest in the WindFall Stand, and we were able to customize it to work with their card reader.


Lightspeed, a Canadian retail point-of-sale system, started as a completely Mac-based system, but wanted to create an iPad extension to enhance the overall shopping experience.
The company already had a viable customer base wanting an iPad solution. When they approached Heckler Design, they needed a secure stand customized to fit their card reader, but also need it quickly and in bulk. We worked with them to outfit the WindFall Stand to their needs with a quick turnaround. Since we don’t have to undergo time-consuming tooling, we are able to keep production time short, and fulfill large orders efficiently.

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