Clarity Outside the City

March 21, 2016

Clarity Outside the City

Susan Bernfield is a self described glass-house-loving kind of modernist who appreciates clarity and free space. As a playwright, artistic director, and solo performer, she is regularly supporting the production and development of new plays. Originally from California, she went from one coast to another, now living in New York with her husband and two sons. Just outside the city, however, is her family’s island (that’s right…island). Avoiding the hustle and bustle of Lower Manhattan, Susan finds creativity comes most prominently in the seclusion of this lake house.

Essentialism, simplicity and bold color became the name of the game for this home away from home – and the OneLessDesk fit into those requirements.

What features were important to you in choosing an office setup?
I really didn’t want any office setup so it had to be unobtrusive, if not invisible. I wanted to be able to use this room, first and foremost a guest room, as a sanctuary for writing when I needed it, but for it to go away when I didn’t (or when we had guests). I don’t want people sleeping over to feel like they’re trespassing on our office.

What color did you go with and why?
Our house is all about big color combinations. We went with a yellow OneLessDesk inside this yellow room, inspired by a piece of sculptural furniture that was originally there. The room is off a hot-pink hallway though, so it’s not a monochrome experience!

How did you decide on Heckler Design?
It’s modern, it’s different, it’s an object of design, when it’s not in use and it doesn’t look like a desk. Plus, it’s colorful and flexible. It’s the desk for when you don’t want people to notice a desk.

Do you have any organizational tips or cool accessories you can share?
The desk and the room it’s in inspires us to stick to the essentials. It encourages us to only keep on your desk what you actually need. A digital tip is an app (and there are many out there) that prevents your from going online for a set period of time. I’m easily distracted so I’ll do whatever it takes to stay focused!

Our mantra is “make it simple.” Do you have a way you keep it simple or a tip you can share? 
My life is pretty full, literally and figuratively. I always feel like I’m clearing clutter–especially in our apartment in the city where it’s nonstop and overwhelming. This second house where I work has been an interesting, even revealing, experiment in keeping things neat. Simplicity and specificity have both become important to us in this house. Simply having less space on the desk helps.



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